Hermetic Solutions

As the global leader in Hermetic interconnect technology, Amphenol has the expertise and Hermetic solutions to support a wide range of markets and applications including Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Industrial and high end Military programmes.
Glass to metal sealing technology provides exceptional mechanical performance in extreme pressure and temperature environments whilst providing excellent hermeticity. Many of our Hermetic connector and feed through technologies can be customised to match existing or new speciality requirements, designed and manufactured for compliance with the appropriate standards including  Mil-DTL-38999, Mil-C-26482, Mil-C-24308, Mil-C-5015 and EN2997.
Amphenol offers a total in-house manufacturing capability to design, manufacture and test both standard and custom Hermetic solutions utilising a wide range of connector materials, glass and ceramic glass types with matched compression and variable thermal expansion properties.
Manufacturing and Test  Capabilities
• Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing including matched seals and low to high  compression seals.
•  Conveyor and batch ovens, and brazing facilities with a variable protective  atmosphere oven.
•  IR/BD testing facilities up to 10GΩ/12Kv
•  Helium leak testing up to: 5.10-12 cm3.s-1 at 1 bar ∆P Helium
•  Pressure testing to 170 bar
•  State of art manufacturing techniques using multi axis CNC turning and automated carousel machining centres
•  Carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, aluminium bronze and nickel alloys
•  Standards room inspection and full batch control l Fully accredited to AS9100 Rev B
•  Fully environmentally accredited plating and surface finishing facility
•  Rack and barrel plating
•  Hard Gold, Silver, Tin, Electroless Nickel, Zinc Cobalt, Cadmium and electro polishing.
•  Professional Engineering design and prototype development
•  In-house tool design and complete manufacturing and assembly capability
•  Independently accredited test house facilities for environmental and  electrical qualification
Typical Markets/ Applications
•  Military
• Offshore and oil industries
• Aerospace l Auto sports
• Research and Nuclear
•  Power generation
•  Communications
•  Marine and naval systems.
Typical Performance Levels
Hermeticity 10-9 cm3.s-1 at 1 bar ∆P Helium
Temperature Operating -176°C to +500°C  Storage -50°C to +85°C
Pressure 6,000 bar
Shock Mil-STD-810F
Vibration RTCA /DO 160C Sinusoidal vibration
Altitude Mil-STD-810F: 50,000 ft – 15,000 m
Electrical Insulation resistance  0.1 to 10GΩ  Break down 1 to 12Kv

Aluminium GTMS

Amphenol Hermetics is at the vanguard in the world of Hermetics headers and connectors. The company’s expertise can be found in a wide area of markets including aerospace, automotive, marine, industrial and military applications.
Amphenol has developed a new aluminium shells hermetic range of connector.
•Contacts made copper alloy, allowed high intensities (power)
•Main application: light weight for , Industrial, military and aerospace.
•This range of connector can have a finish unplanted , Nickel or black Zinc Nickel plated.
This new range can be used for a wide range of connector, as:
•Mil-C-38999 series III
Material used for the shells are Aluminium alloy 6000 series.
Key Features
Environment: Temperature from  -50 up to  150°C Corrosive atmosphere Gas/Vacuum Radiations
Mechanical Most of these shell alloy can be  sealed by: Tig, EB, laser welding or soldering Hermeticity achieved  is Better 10-8 cm3.s-1@1bar ∆P UHV and High Pressure  applicationsSensors headers seals

Sensors Headers Seals

Amphenol Hermetics is at the vanguard in the world of Hermetics headers and connectors.  The company’s expertise can be found in a wide area of markets including aerospace, automotive, marine, industrial and military applications.
Amphenol has developed a new range of product as headers and connectors for civil and military sensor market. They are adapted to extreme application involving high pressure up to 6,000bar 87,000psi combined with high temperature. 
Typical application: 
• Pressure sensor
• Temperature sensor
• Dew point meters 
This range of headers find mainly application in oil and gas, aerospace sensor industries. 
Material used for the shells are St. Steel 304 S11, 316 S11, Astelloy and Inconel 600, 700, X-750, MP35N. 
Current permitted:  signal mA up to high currant > 10A.
Key Features 
Environment: Temperature from few K up to  500°C Corrosive atmosphere Gas Radiations 
Mechanical Most of these shell alloy can be  sealed by: Tig, EB, laser welding Hermeticity achieved  is Better 10-9 cm3.s-1@1bar ΔP Pressure  up to 6,000bar 
Electrical: Insulation resistance  0.1 to 10 GΩ Break down  1 to 12 KV.  


High Pressure Downhole Connectors

Amphenol® KTK High Pressure Downhole Connector
Amphenol Industrial Operations now offers our KTK, high-pressure, downhole connector. Fully compatible with the industry standard configuration, these connectors offer high pressure and high temperature sealed connections standard in the downhole industry. One of the many upcoming downhole connectors, the KTK product line is machined molded and machined glass-filled epoxy with gold contacts and a Viton O-ring.
• High Pressure: 20,000 PSI (137 MPA) bi-directional
• Medium and High Temperature versions:200ºC and 170ºC
• Machined molded and machined glass-filled epoxy
• Fully compatible with industry standard layouts
• Gold contacts designed for longer life/mating cycles
• Solder pot connections
• Cable Assemblies/Pigtails Available


Sealed Receptacles with UTS Crimp Contacts

Sealed Receptacles with UTS Crimp Contacts for Bulkhead Applications.
Amphenol Aerospace offers a lightweight 38999 Series III interconnect solution for sealed bulkhead applications.
These jam nut or wall mount style connectors offer lighter weights than glass fused steel hermetics. They feature 1x10-5 minimum leak rates when prop- erly installed. This, combined with crimp insertable contacts, allows quick and reliable termination using standard M39029/57 socket contacts. - Perfect for those pressure vessel or thru-bulkhead applications.
Features and benefits:
• Aluminum shells with Electroless nickel plating standard -  Also available in Durmalon and O.D. Cadmium finishes.   Steel available upon request.
• Accessory threads sized for standard backshells.
• Intermateable & inter-mountable with standard 38999 Series III plugs.
• Extra thick panel mounting capable – Up to.375 in. 
• Crimp termination using Amphenol’s UTS (Universal Termination System)
• Uses Amphenol’s standard “Filter Epoxy Compound” - 40 years of proven  reliability and experience.
• Skydrol and jet fuel resistance inserts, seals and backfill.