The Amphenol PT connectors are qualified to VG95328
The PT connectors in accordance with the American MIL-DTL-26482 series I standard in crimp, solder, wire wrap, PCB versions, with different sealing levels which are well known in aeronautics, military and industrial applications. PT series provides you with a multitude of possibilities through their different backshell  possibilities, contact-terminations, insert arrangements.
• A corrosion resistant electrically conductive finish of cadmium plate with an olive drab chromate after- treatment is used on the PT and MS/PT.
• Shell components for these series are aluminum.  The dependable 5 key/keyway polarization with bayonet lock coupling assures positive mating with no chance of cross plugging.
• Both pins and sockets are machined from a copper alloy and are gold plated. This gold plating eliminates contact corrosion and offers an indefinite shelf life. Printed circluit board contacts are also available.



These connectors with reverse bayonet coupling are qualified to the VG95234 standard.
Offering a high liability, they are coevally waterproof and resistant to vibrations and wear.
They use the same installation dimensions and contact arrangements as connectors according to MIL-C-5015. However they are provided with reverse bayonet  coupling and wave washer, which guarantee a fast and effortless locking/unlocking and avoid an unintentio nal unlatch due to heavy vibrations.
• All VG95234 designs are basically equipped with an individual wire sealing grommet.
• Common applications include military sector,  industrial plants and railway vehicles as well as propulsion technologies, machine tools, measurement and robotics.
VG95319-1006 / VG95319-1007 / VG95319-1008

Amphenol MIL-DTL-38999 series III, qualified to VG95319-1006, VG95319-1007, VG95319-1008
With Metal Shells-Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Class K Firewall Amphenol Tri-Start MIL-DTL-38999 series III connectors offer the highest performance capabili- ties for both general duty and severe environment  appli cations. Meeting or exceeding MIL-DTL-38999 series III requirements, the Tri-Start connector with standard metal shells (aluminum or stainless steel with several finish options) offers these features:
• EMI Shielding – solid metal to metal coupling,  grounding fingers, electroless nickel plating, and thicker wall  sections provide superior EMI shielding capability of 65 dB minimum at 10 GHz Contact Protection – recessed pins in this 100% scoop-proof connector minimize potential contact damage
• Vibration/Shock – operates under severe high temperature vibration, through 200 °C
• Firewall Capability – available in a stainless steel shell, class RK, RS
• Quick Coupling – completely mates and self-locks in a 360° turn of the coupling nut
• Inventory Support Commonality – uses standard MIL-DTL-38999 contacts, application tools, insert arrangements
• Hermetic – air leakage limited to 1 x 107 cm3 per second optional
• Qualified Specifications – Stainless Steel qualified to BACC63DB and BACC63DC specifications.

Backshells VG95319-1011

Amphenol provides qualified to VG95314-1011
• Circular Backshell for individual or overall 360 degree screening options
• All circular backshell machined from solid material for reliable strength and performance
• The VG95319-1011 backshells provide a range of popular backshell styles in straight or 90 degree form, to accommodate heat shrink boots, EMC screen termination  with band and cone termination for EMC screening braid or non-metallic cable protection braid.