The Amphenol MIL-DTL-83723, Series III family of connectors includes styles from Pyle National. These have proven technology for severe environments and are widely used in commercial and military aerospace markets. Amphenol/Pyle 83723 connectors incorporate many advantageous features, such as a unique threaded coupling mechanism that provides greater resistance to decoupling. This coupling mechanism eliminates the need for safety wiring and tends to couple during vibration - thus offering the user added assurance and a margin of safety.
Amphenol/Pyle 83723 Series III high temperature styles are capable of operation at 260° C/500°F. A 100% scoop-proof version of the high temperature connector is also available under specification ESC11/Pyle HTK Series. In addition, this connector series incorporates a unique sealing grommet that is capable of sealing on standard diameter wire as well as Kapton wire of reduced diameter. The Pyle 83723 family provides connectors in environmental, firewall and hermetic classes that exceed the most stringent specification requirements.
MIL-DTL-83723, Series III  Connectors are Available in a Wide Variety of Styles:
• Stainless steel shells** provide corrosion resistance
• Metal-to-metal bottoming
• Unique sealing grommet accepts a wide range of wire diameters
• Patented non-decoupling device in plugs - a self-locking clutch plate that provides greater resistance to decoupling than coupling during vibration BAYONET STYLE CONNECTORS
• Same quality features of the threaded style, but with 3 point bayonet coupling -  quick turn to lock, visual confirmation of complete coupling HIGH TEMPERATURE STYLE CONNECTORS
• High temperature connector materials and contacts provide operation to 200°C and Firewall capability to 260°C 
• Improved metal-to-metal bottoming design
• Unique sealing grommet accepts a wide range of wire diameters
• Improved 360° accessory orientation teeth provide greater performance under vibration
• Patented non-decoupling device (torque differential)
• Improved shell-to-shell conductivity with optional RFI grounding fingers
• Styles available that meet several European specifications, General Electric and Rolls Royce specifications
• Special Shell Geometry Styles available HERMETIC STYLE CONNECTORS
• Hermetic styles are available in threaded receptacles with solderwell or flat eyelet termination. PC Tail Designs are available on request.
• Designed for environmental moisture sealing with fused compression glass sealed inserts
• High temperature hermetics 200°C and 260°C  Firewall
*  MIL-DTL-83723 supersedes MIL-C-83723.
** The Amphenol Pyle 83723 family is offered in stainless steel shell classes. Amphenol Matrix 83723 family also for aluminum shell classes.