Amphenol RF

The Company

Amphenol Corporation (NYSE ticker: APH) is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fi ber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable and interconnect systems. 

Amphenol has a diversified presence as a leader in high growth segments of the interconnect market including: Military and Commercial Aerospace, Automotive, Broadband Communication, Industrial, Information Technology and Data Communications Equipment, Mobile Devices and Wireless Infrastructure.

The interconnect products and  assemblies segment produces connectors and connector assemblies primarily for the communications, aerospace, industrial and automotive markets. The cable products segment produces coaxial and fl at ribbon cable and related products primarily for communication markets, including cable television.


Interconnect Products and Assemblies

The Company produces a range of interconnect products and assemblies primarily for voice, video and data communication systems, commercial and military aerospace systems, automotive and mass transportation applications and industrial and factory automation equipment. Interconnect products include connectors, which when attached to an electronic or fi ber-optic cable, a printed circuit board or other device, facilitate electronic or fi ber-optic transmission. Interconnect assemblies generally consist of a system of cable and connectors for linking electronic and fi ber-optic equipment. Amphenol designs and produces a range of connector and cable assembly products used in communication applications, such as engineered cable assemblies used in base stations for wireless communication systems and internet networking equipment; smart card acceptor devices used in mobile Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephones, cable modems and other applications to facilitate reading data from smart cards; fi ber-optic couplers and connectors used in fi ber-optic signal transmission; input/output connectors and assemblies used for servers and data storage devices and linking personal computers (PCs) and peripheral equipment, and sculptured fl ex- ible circuits used for integrating printed circuit boards in communication applications. The Company also designs and produces a range of radio frequency (RF) connector products used in telecommunications, computer and offi ce equipment, instrumentation equipment, local area networks and automotive electronics. Its RF interconnect products and assemblies are also used in base stations, mobile communication devices and other components of cellular and personal communications networks.

Amphenol supplies high-performance, military-specifi cation, circular environmental connectors. Such connectors require superior performance and reliability under condi- tions of stress and in hostile environments. High-performance environmental connectors and interconnect systems are generally used to interconnect electronic and fi ber-optic systems in sophisticated aerospace, military, commercial and industrial equipment. These applications present demanding technological requirements in that the con- nectors are subject to rapid and severe temperature changes, vibration, humidity and nuclear radiation. Frequent applications of these connectors and interconnect systems include aircraft, guided missiles, radar, military vehicles, equipment for spacecraft, energy, medical instrumentation, geophysical applications and off-road construction equipment. The Company also designs and produces industrial interconnect products used in a variety of applications such as factory automation equipment, mass transpor- tation applications including railroads and marine transportation, as well as automotive safety products, including interconnect devices and systems used in automotive air- bags, pretensioner seatbelts, antilock braking systems and other onboard automotive electronic systems. In addition, Amphenol designs and produces highly engineered cable and backplane assemblies. Such assemblies are specially designed by the Company in conjunction with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers for specifi c applications, primarily for computer, wired and wireless communication systems, offi ce equipment and aerospace applications.


Cable Products

Amphenol designs, manufactures and markets coaxial cable primarily for use in the cable television industry. It manufactures two primary types of coaxial cable, semi- fl exible, which has an aluminum tubular shield, and flexible, which has one or more braided metallic shields. Semi-flexible coaxial cable is used in the trunk and feeder distribution portion of cable television systems, and fl exible cable (also known as drop cable) is used primarily for hookups from the feeder cable to the cable television sub- scriber’s residence. Flexible cable is also used in other communication applications. The Company is also a producer of fl at-ribbon cable, a cable made of wires assembled side by side such that the finished cable is fl at. Flat-ribbon cable is used to connect internal components in systems with space and component confi guration limitations. The product is used in computer and office equipment components, as well as in a variety of telecommunication applications.

Amphenol RF Division Amphenol is the world’s largest manufacturer of RF interconnect solutions, with experi- ence extending over half a century.  Our complete range of RF interconnect solutions are used in the Automotive, Broadband, Wireless LAN/RFID, Wireless Infrastructure, Military Aerospace and Instrumentation markets.  Our solutions range from connectors to cable assemblies to passive RF components, such as attenuators and RF switches.



Amphenol manufactures a family of Amphenol Micro Coaxial (AMC) Connectors for use in applications with 50 Ω impedance requirements. AMC connectors are low profi le (2.5mm of the board) and offer an extremely small board footprint (3mm x 3mm).



The SMP interface is a subminiature interface in the same scale as MMCX connectors but offers a frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. It is commonly used in miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules and is offered in both push-on and snap-on mating styles.  The interface is an excellent choice for PC board to board inter- connects. For these applications, the interface series offers an interesting solution by utilizing a male connector on each of the PC boards and a female-to-female adapter mounted in between to complete the connection. The female adapter is often called a bullet and is necessary to provide a fl exible link between the male connectors. This flexible link allows .020 inches of radial fl oat and .010 inches of axial fl oat. Typically, one male connector will be specifi ed as a snap on interface and the other as a push on. This ensures that the bullet adapter remains fi xed in the same male connector if the PC boards are separated. The bullets are available in multiple lengths to allow for different board spacing.



Amphenol’s MicroMate™ MMCX connector line is a family of products designed as the next generation 50 ohm microminiature surface mount coaxial interconnection system. Providing a more robust interface for greater durability, this series is ideal for high volume wireless SMT or PCMCIA applications in cellu- lar base stations, cellular phones and personal communicators, global positioning systems (GPS) and wireless LAN (WLAN) applications.



To address the rapid implementation of the U.S. digital cellular PCN infrastructure, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Instrumentation and Wireless LAN Systems, Amphenol has optimized its MCX product offering to target these high growth market applications.  The growth rate of these emerging markets has fueled an increasing demand for subminia- ture coaxial connectors with very good electri- cal performance to 6 GHz.



The 1.0/2.3 series of coaxial connectors are designed for telecommunication systems re- quiring a subminiature 50 ohm slide on/screw on connector.  These connectors comply with the requirements of DIN41626, DIN47297, INFC 93569, INFC 93571 and CECC22230.  The connectors perform DC through 10 GHz, and feature crimp cable termination for low installation cost.



SMB connectors feature quick connect/discon- nect snap-on mating and are available in both 50 and 75 ohm impedance structures.  For maximum space utilization, Amphenol also offers a high density 75 ohm version.  This series of connectors conform to the requirements of MIL-C-39012 and the interface is in compli- ance with MIL-STD-348.  Using highly effi cient die cast molds and high speed fully-automated assembly equipment, Amphenol’s SMB con- nector line offers a cost effective solution for digital cellular PCN, Global Positioning Sys- tems (GPS) and wireless LAN systems needs.


Mini 75 Ω

SMB Mini 75 Ω SMB provides broadband capabil- ity through 3 GHz. Its snap-on design utilizes die cast components on non-critical areas to provide a low cost solution The Mini 75 Ω SMB offers snap fi t mating for quick connect/dis- connect. The reduced housing allows circuit miniaturization and effi cient “real estate” utilization. Built in accordance with requirements of Mil-C-39012, the interface is in compliance with Mil-STD 348 and is interchange- able with Industry Standard for Miniature 75 Ω SMB.



SMC connectors feature 10-32 threaded coupling with broadband performance with low reflection from DC-10 GHz.  This series of connectors conforms to the requirements of MIL-C-39012 and the interface is in compli- ance with MIL-STD-348.  These connectors are particularly suitable for use in high vibration environments.



Amphenol’s 50 ohm SMA connectors are semi- precision subminiature connectors performing DC through 18 GHz.  SMA connectors are primarily used where trends toward higher frequencies, miniaturization, and SMA connectors are built in accordance with MIL-C-39012 and CECC 22110/111, and are available for a variety of fl exible and semi-rigid cables.  Am- phenol’s line of brass SMA connectors provide a cost effective solution for applications where stainless steel construction is not required.



The QMA connector is a quick disconnect version of the SMA connector and shares the same internal construction, which allows the connector to have excellent performance. The electrical performance benefi ts of the QMA include low loss RF performance up to 18 GHz. Because of the innovative coupling mechanism, a 360-degree butt joint is main- tained which results in low RF leakage. Since the RF line is identical to the SMA series, the QMA connectors also offer the same high power handling capability. This gives the seriessignificant advantages over other quick disconnect connectors.  Amphenol RF is a member of the Quick Lock Formula® Alliance.  For further information on the QLF®, visit



Mini-UHF connectors are a miniature version of the original UHF connector and feature a threaded coupling mechanism for reliable mating.  The mini-UHF connector is designed for use in cellular mobile telephone systems where size, weight, and cost are critical.  Fea- turing crimp cable termination for low installa- tion costs, these connectors provide excellent RF performance in applications through 2.5 GHz.


Type F

Amphenol has developed a variety of board level F receptacles for use on high speed modems and CIU’s.  These connectors utilize Amphenol’s unique female contact design featuring a true cylindrical coaxial contact.  As a result, superior RF performance and excel- lent insertion/withdrawal characteristics are achieved.  We also offer designs capable of handling up to 15 amps for future set-top box applications.  F receptacles are available in multiple styles including SMD versions compli- menting Amphenol’s line of drop F connectors and adapters.


Type G

Amphenol has developed a range of high performance G receptacles for use in today’s 3 GHz amplifi er and fi ber optic node equip- ment designs. Amphenol has also developed a series of 15 amp G receptacles for HFC networks. These connectors are designed to meet the 15 amp current capability required to power loop electronics in support of enhanced telephony services being implemented by CATV MSO’s and telco’s.


Mini BNC

Amphenol RF introduces the new generation of quality BNC connectors for the telecom- munication and broadband applications for higher connector densities while preserving the positive characteristics of the Amphenol full- size BNC’s for 75 Ω systems. This allows 40% more interconnects in the same area. The Mini BNC series provides a positive lock- ing bayonet system where SMB and SMZ system have no locking feature. The SMB and SMZ were not designed to be fi eld installed or repaired, while the Mini BNC is specifi cally designed to be a drop-in replacement and used with the Telco DS3 application and is compat- ible with the present fi eld installer tooling and strip dimensions.



Developed in the late 1940’s as a miniature version of the Type C connector, BNC stands for Bayonet Neill Concelman and is named after Amphenol engineer Carl Concelman. The BNC product line is a miniature quick connect/disconnect RF connector. It features two bayonet lugs on the female connector; mating is achieved with only a quarter turn of the coupling nut. BNC’s are ideally suited for cable termination for miniature to subminiature coaxial cable (RG-58, 59, to RG-179, RG-316, etc.)   Designed to accommodate a large vari- ety of RG and industry standard cables, BNC connectors are available in crimp/crimp and fi eld serviceable termination styles. A full line of printed circuit board receptacles, bulkhead receptacles, resistor terminations, and other accessories complement the product offering.



Amphenol TNC connectors were originally developed for aircraft and missile application where extreme vibration is a factor.  TNC connectors are of miniature size like the BNC con- nector but feature a threaded coupling nut for application requiring performance through 11 GHz.  Chosen for their durability and reliability, TNC connectors are widely used in the cellular/mobile communication industry for equip- ment cabling and antenna interfaces.



C connectors are medium size and weather- proof. Coupling is two-stud bayonet lock. C connectors provide constant 50 Ω impedance. They may be used with 75 Ω cable, at lower frequencies (below 300 MHz) where no serious mismatch is introduced.



Amphenol UHF connectors are the original radio frequency connector interface. They are general purpose units which operate satisfac- torily DC to 300 MHz. Applications include citizens band radio receivers, public address systems, and a variety of other low frequency system applications where cost is a prime consideration.


Type N

Type N connectors are medium size threaded connectors for use DC through 18 GHz and feature a characteristic 50 ohm impedance structure. Applications for N connectors in- clude base station equipment, broadcast and satellite communication systems as well as test and instrumentation equipment. Con- nector performance is per MIL-C-39012, with commercial grade versions available for the most popular confi gurations. Cable termination includes clamp styles and crimp styles, and connectors are available for the most widely used coaxial cables.



HN connectors are medium size weatherproof units designed for high voltage applications. HN connectors feature captivated contact design which prevents contact recession under temperature extremes and mechanical stresses. Coupling is 3/4-20 threaded.



Amphenol’s 7/16 connectors are designed for use in medium to high power communication systems. These connectors perform excep- tionally well in multichannel cellular systems where power levels approximate 100 watts per channel. Designed for both fl exible as well as corrugated cables, these connectors are used in a variety of cellular base station and broadcast communication applications. Amphenol’s designs offer superior IMD characteristics and assembly onto corrugated cable has been greatly simplified.