Hazardous Rated Connectors; smaller size and more contact options
With the ever growing need for more power and sig- nal in a smaller interface in ATEX rated areas, Amphenol is pleased to introduce the Amphe-EX cir- cular connector series.
Designed for Hazardous Environments
AMPHE-EX Connector Series is designed for use in ATEX and IECex rated areas. AMPHE-EX connec- tors are equipped to handle signal, power, RF or fiber optic requirements in the most harsh environ- ments. AMPHE-EX connectors offer a complete array of insert patterns, ranging from 2 # 20 con- tacts, right up through 79 # 22D contacts, and every- thing in between. In addition, AMPHE-EX is able to provide both RJ45 and USB connections into an ATEX and IECex approved interconnect solution. Chemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufac- turing, Petrochemical Refineries, Land and Offshore Drilling Platforms are just a few of the areas that the new AMPHE-EX Series will provide increased per- formance. AMPHE-EX connectors are made from machined aluminum components, and plated in a hard anodic coating designed to withstand the most extreme environments. Double-lead acme threads allow for a self cleaning mating action that does not clog under adverse conditions of ice, snow, mud or sand. The specific materials and design features of the AMPHE-EX series were originally selected to satisfy the stringent requirements of the Military and Aero- space industries. These connectors combine electri- cal and mechanical capabilities that equal or exceed many of the parameters established by the Military specification MIL-5015. Amphenol Industrial, one of the leading interconnect suppliers to Industrial markets around the world, welcomes this new product to it’s current offering of harsh environment interconnect solutions
Amphenol® Amphe-EX connectors
ATEX Certified for Zone 1-IIc hazardous environment. Cert. # SIRA 07ATEX1229X IECEx and AEX Certified Cenelec IP68 Rated • Listed under EEx d IIc T6 • Plugs and receptacles listed under EEx de IIc T6 HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH ALUMINUM: Bar Stock components precision machined, with points of impact designed for extra strength. HARD ANODIC PLATING: All machined aluminum parts are finished with a hard, scratch resistant coat- ing per Mil-A-8625, Type III. EASILY ACCESSIBLE WIRE TERMINALS: Conductors are readily terminated to contacts. Cable hous- ings are slipped over conductors after terminating. Cumbersome handling and seating of inserts with conductors attached is eliminated. LARGE WIRE SPACING: Ample wire space is provided in cable housings and hardware. CABLE OPTIONS: Cable Gland terminations available to allow variety of cable types including unar- mored, armored and sheathed cable built to the IEEE-45, UL1309, IEC, BS, DIN and JIC standards. Flex- ible cables like SOOW-A, W, G-GC and DLO constructions can also be used with the AMPHE-EX series connectors. For Cable Gland information, ask for Amphenol Cable Glands and Cord Grips catalog # 12- 055. INSERT VARIATIONS: A broad variety of inserts are offered ranging from 2 # 20 awg, up to 100 # 22D awg contacts. Numerous hybrid inserts available that offer combination copper and Coax/Twinax. In addi- tion, Fiber Optic, RF45 and USB options available. RoHS COMPLIANT PRODUCT AVAILABLE


Star-Line Series “ZP/ZR” connectors are heavy duty environmentally sealed plugs and receptacles and have been successfully used in all types of Industrial and Aerospace applications. These compact environmental connectors have provided outstanding performance in complex ground support cable networks, automatic and process control systems and instrumentation systems. This family of connectors has made a major contribution to the successful interconnection of peak power generating systems as well as offshore petroleum production for power distribution and data acquisition. Ample margins of safety and reliability have been designed into the Star-Line connectors to maintain capability levels which make them ideally suited for the broad spectrum of demands placed on them by industry. The specific materials and design features incorporated in Star-Line connectors were originally selected to satisfy the stringent requirements of the Aerospace industry for heavy-duty connectors. These connectors combine electrical and mechanical capabilities that equal or exceed the performance parameters established by the Military Specification MIL-5015.
• UL & CSA listed to UL1977/CSA C22.2 requirements
• ENVIRONMENTAL RESISTANCE – Design and materials withstand the most challenging operating conditions. Series has an IP 68-8 rating. • SOLDER, CRIMP AND PRESSURE TERMINALS AVAILABLE
• EASILY ACCESSIBLE WIRE TERMINALS – Conductors are readily terminated to contacts. Cable housings are slipped over conductors or leads after terminating. Cumbersome handling and seating of inserts with conductors attached is eliminated.
• LARGE WIRING SPACE – Ample wiring space is provided in cable housings and conduit fitting bodies. Hub of body mounts in any of four positions (except FS & FD box assemblies).
• REVERSIBLE INSERTS – A full range of contact inserts and application adapters are available. All are interchangeable and reversible to suit special needs.
• DOUBLE-LEAD THREAD COUPLING – Modified Acme  Thread does not clog under adverse conditions of ice, snow, sand or mud and provides the quick coupling feature.
• HARD ANODIC COATING – All machine, aluminum parts finished with a hard, scratch- resistant coating per MIL-A-8625, Type III. Dielectric strength 1800 volts. Heat resistance of 750° F.
• HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH *ALUMINUM – Bar Stock Components precision machined. Points of impact designed for extra strength.
• RADSOK® HIGH AMPERAGE CONTACTS – Special arrangements are available with RADSOK high amperage contacts. Standard Star-line inserts are not interchangeable with new RADSOK contact insert arrangements.


Amphenol , which has been manufacturing connectors for more than 75 years, offers an extensive array of connector lines including rectangular, circular, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter and a variety of special application connectors.
With the introduction of its patented RADSOK technology, Amphenol Industrial Operations (AIO) revolutionized the connector Industry. RADSOK’S twisted grid configuration allows for 50% more current to pass through the same size pin, while providing increased reliability, ampacity and cycle durability as well as lower insertion force, T-rise and voltage drop.
• Ruggedized over-molded coupling nut
• Wire gages 4/0 awg through 777 MCM • Utilizes patented Radsok Technology
• 1/4 Turn Reverse Bayonet
• Crimp or Busbar Termination
• Silver Plated Contacts
• Finger Proof • Current: 800Amp
• Voltage: DC 2500V
• Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +125ºC
• 2000 Mating Cycles
• 300 Day Salt Spray Rating
The RIG-Lok  is a reverse bayonet connector which incorporates our patented RADSOK technology. It is designed to deliver high power from source to load. The plug contains an 18mm RADSOK socket and the receptacle contains an 18mm pin with the option of crimp, 2 hole busbar, or threaded busbar termination. When unmated, personal safety is maintained through touchproof, dead-front contact design. The RADSOK’S strongest benefit is its very low milli-volt drop and minimized temperature rise when transmitting high current. The 18mm RIG-Lok is perfectly suited for high amperage applications such as electrical generators, fuel cells, load banks, and charging systems.
• Quick positive coupling
• Vibration resistant
• Audible, tactile and visual indication of full coupling
• Environmental Applications
• High Amperage Applications
• Easily Adaptable
• Better Conductivity where needed
• Allows conductor size change
• Hardware options include plugs, inline receptacle, and panel mount receptacles